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What Applicant have to say about Singapore Visa Service

TETIANA MARKOVA (Ukraine | Assessment Level 1 (Single Entry))
22-09-2018 (05:53)

Thank you for your good and fast work!

EKIYOR TARI HUDSON (Nigeria | Assessment Level 2 (Single Entry))
15-09-2018 (02:52)

Fast and reliable. Within few days visa and a thumbs up for the complementary offer on city tour. Beth , Phoebe are just too patient to handle all your challenges. Kudos to you all. This is hoghly recommeneded.

Sabuhi Afandiyev (Azerbaijan | Assessment Level 1 (Single Entry))
05-09-2018 (01:23)

great service!!

FAYEZ ALZEMAM (Saudi Arabia | Assessment Level 2 (Single Entry))
29-08-2018 (12:17)

Excellent follow-up from the team in till visa is issued. Thanks a lot.

محمد الكثيري (Saudi Arabia | Assessment Level 2 (Single Entry))
28-08-2018 (05:24)

Sir thanks thanks do I need go sep2018 or I can go any month of the year

mashael bin seaidan (Saudi Arabia | Assessment Level 2 (Single Entry))
26-08-2018 (02:10)

Best service ever 👍🏼 Keep going

Igor Kharitonov (Russia | Assessment Level 1 (Single Entry))
24-08-2018 (23:50)


Daria Mikheeva (Russia | Assessment Level 1 (Single Entry))
06-08-2018 (01:30)

Thanks for your work!

Slimane Larabi (Algeria | Assessment Level 2 (Single Entry))
19-05-2018 (08:26)


Igor Tatuiko (Russia | Assessment Level 1 (Single Entry))
29-04-2018 (05:56)

It seems a little bit expensive

Dilip George (India | Assessment Level 1 (Single Entry))
05-04-2018 (06:48)

Efficient, quick and professional service. I am impressed

Vladyslav Ishymov (Ukraine | Assessment Level 1 (Single Entry))
05-04-2018 (03:55)


IVAN MARCHENKO (Ukraine | Assessment Level 1 (Single Entry))
08-02-2018 (04:44)

Very efficient, quick and professional service! Thank you!

Aleksei Kopylov (Russia | Assessment Level 1 (Single Entry))
11-01-2018 (09:55)


ABDULLAH AL GARAWI (Saudi Arabia | Assessment Level 2 (Single Entry))
03-01-2018 (01:58)

The visa process was user friendly and good service.

فيصل القحطاني (Saudi Arabia | Assessment Level 2 (Single Entry))
02-01-2018 (16:31)

ممتازين ولكن اسعار الفيزا والبريد غاليه

Rakesh Ashok Ambre (India | Assessment Level 1 (Single Entry))
27-12-2017 (22:27)

Genuine online service. They deliver what they committed on their website. Have patience. Plan well in advance as per their information. Quick response to all enquiries.

Amal Naitah (Saudi Arabia | Assessment Level 2 (Single Entry))
19-12-2017 (03:26)

Good service and speed of respond when inquiring.

Muralidharan Ramamurthy (India | Assessment Level 1 (Single Entry))
14-12-2017 (16:32)

Excellent service and quick response to queries , very professional and customer focused

OLGA SLIVINA (Russia | Assessment Level 1 (Single Entry))
11-12-2017 (22:55)

Professional and efficient!


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